I had the opportunity to visit an Edmonton Landmark this past week and write a short article about it. Here is the introduction to the article. The rest of the story will be posted shortly.

Edmonton is a beautiful city. It is the capital city in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Some people think that once summer is over and the festivals have all wrapped up, the city becomes grey with winter’s dark shadows and white with cold blowing snow and fridgid tempetures.

Not necessarily so. Winter is a joyous time in Edmonton with lot’s to see and do. One local attraction is The Muttart Conservatory and Greenhouse.

044    045 The “Tropical Pyramid”

Many weddings are held here each year.


While I was visiting I discovered that the “Feature Pyramid” changes themes every three months. In fact it just changed from a “Harvest Moon” theme to “The Nut Cracker” theme.

018  019

More of this article coming soon.  Come read more where I reveal some interesting facts not widely known to the public .  .  .  .